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Friday, May 13, 2011

Having Some Fun with White Trash...

Originally posted on on September 14, 2010
Occasionally I like to go redneck hunting. It is prevalent in most parts of America and are somewhat in season right now. They can be found near Tea Parties, are good sport, and not bad eating...

From: Kevin Deyo
Sent: Thu, September 2, 2010 4:39:28 PM
Subject: Your Beck Article

Hey Ass-shat goat herder,

It's amazing that turban wearing shiite trash child molestors such as yourself are allowed to even breathe in a Western nation, much less write rabid nonsense such as what you wrote.

I laughed out loud at your foaming out the mouth hatred of America, Beck and Palin.
You little browns always complain about us "racist" white Europeans and bitch and moan about how we are bigots, intolerant, hateful....fill in the blank. Right?

Let me tell you something punk! We white Europeans created the best country in the world ever, landed on the moon, developed medicine that enables you browns to survive in your pathetic stone-age mud-hut societies. Change is coming--get ready. In November, the elections will be landslides in our favor.

Illegal-aliens, 3rd world leaches, and mohammedan thugs such as yourselves will be put on notice.

It's going to be hard for you to sleep--you may even consider moving back to Iran.
PS: I can't wait until Israel nukes your country and turns it into a glass parking lot.

...a week later this popped out...

Reply to Kevin Deyo
Sent: Thu, September 9, 2010 3:16:06 PM
Subject: Your Comment on my Beck Article

Hay yourself, you prairie buffalo dung eating native American murdering son of a cattle rancher; Thanks for writing turd. What took you so long? Can't stop foaming at the mouth long enough to formulate a coherent sentence?

Ass shat no, but funny you should mention it, my father actually came from a long line of goat herders! It goes back to our Genghis Khan days. Wait, you do know who Genghis Khan was I hope?

Iranians like most people in the middle east do not actually wear turbans as your apparent ignorance of the way the world really works, shows. You are most likely referring to Sikhs who aren't Iranian, Arab, or muslim, and are from India.

If by child molesting you mean the way the Catholic priests molest children, then again, sorry, that's not any of us either.

Your second sentence was actually countered by your third sentence. Which is what we call an oxy-moron. You are just a moron.

Since you have only read the parts of white history you like to read, your white view of the white world and how well it has gone for you white folks, is naturally tilted towards your likely slave-owning penchant for continued self-delusion. Kind of how like you don't think you're ass and head are fat.

We agree that this is the best country in the world, which is precisely why we expect better from it and express disappointment when people like you, don't vote, or keep tabs on your politicians, who then put in place bad foreign policy that disappoints people like us.

Whether you ever landed on the moon is debatable, and since there is no proof, again, according to your own media, so I'll just take your word for it. You guys tend to do some crazy pointless shit, so it's plausible. Like bowling.

But you have never actually invented medicine that enables us to live in stone age mud huts. Because if you did, we'd still be living (and healthy) in them. We actually live in houses like yours. Wait do you own or rent? Most of us don't rent, so I don't know if you know that either. I do know that we tend to make more money than you do and therefore live in better neighborhoods than you, so I'm not sure if I should mention that or not.

We are Americans like you (in some cases more American it seems), we are not here illegally, as I said, we earn more than you so we are by no means leeches, and there is no such thing as a mohammedan thug, another of your many oxy-morons.

But, if as you expect, putting the Republicans who betrayed you that last time you voted them in, back into power again, on the upcoming elections in November, is somehow going to make things better, thanks for that, because as Americans then, we too will benefit. Not sure how that is going to work out for you though. Because remember, if you win, we win.

The reason we are all here is because of you not watching your democracy and guarding it from the right wing which has ruined America's legacy in the world by ruining countries like mine since your dear WWII.

So this is why we came here to sleep. The way we figure it is this, since you've ruined our country, a mangy dog is less likely to shit in his own house, than someone elses. So move over would you, pass the peas please, and don't mind if we do! Want to share some lamb?

PS to your PS If Israel nukes Iran, then somehow, some way, Iran with as angry as you've made her, is going to want to get even. even we don't know how that shit will go down. Suffice it to say it will be medieval. It didn't used to be this way. Israel and Iran used to like each other, so I don't know what to tell you, except that you screwed up again?

I really hope you are right this time and things change. It would certainly be better for everyone if they did.

Wait! What's that smell? Sniff Sniff, is that your possum stew burning on the stove?

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