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Sunday, October 28, 2012

I am an undecided voter, I am not stupid.

Most of America has already decided. Whether to give President Obama one more term, or to give Romney a shot at the job.

47% to 47%. Dead even, right down the middle.

Or, that is what the media and the parties and their campaigns and their PACs and now SuperPACs would have you believe. That 94% of America is cocksure and ready to act on their surety, on the second Tuesday this November.

The remaining 6%, that I am proud to be a member of, are considered uncertain, low intelligence, morons for not being as clear as the rest. We even have our own denigrating demographic designation, "low information voters". What fools!

Well, here are some foolish facts.

96% of America in fact hasn't decided. Only 96% of those who vote have. That leaves a HUGE majority of Americans who after reading this, you might now consider, are FAR smarter than those who do vote. Roughly 60% of Americans never care to make it to the polls, or lift a finger to cast ballots in what most would think is the biggest commercial for Democracy in the world. They are too busy pursuing "Happiness".

in 2008, one of the most voted elections in history, President Obama won with a total of barely 70 Million votes. There are 311 million Americans. Most of them could vote if they cared to. They don't.

Like the Kinks, "I'm not like everybody else."

What I know is that this election is not in the hands of the voters. It never is. It is in the hands of the number of electoral votes each candidate wins, usually we assume that this s connected and happens by winning the "majority" of the votes that are cast in each state. Again, that does not mean the majority of people in that state want that candidate for President. Just that the votes cast, do.

So given this, anyone sitting and watching ANY of the debates, and wistfully hoping to hear something that they can relate to, is the real moron. For these entire debates have been focused on what those 40% of the Ohioans who vote want to hear. What their counterparts in Virginia and Florida want to hear. Because that's all that is left to wrap up. Win those, and you've got a chance, lose them, and you're done.

Well, that most surely sucks now doesn't it! Here you are, part of your devoted 47%, and not living in Ohio, Virginia, or Florida, and you thought you actually mattered!

I live in California. And I haven't seen a SINGLE negative ad for or against Romney. You only get one guess why. Since I'm not sure you can guess correctly, because after all you you are most likely and statistically part of the smart 47% decideds, I'm going to have to tell you. It is because there is no chance in hell, Romney would EVER win California. EVER. While Republicans do surprisingly well at the local and state level, no national candidate ever considers California as anything but a Democrat shoe-in.
You can thank the fucked up Eleclitoral College for all of this. Worse, wait until you hear that to become an Eleclitoral voter, all you need to do is Be. Be a hardcore party loyalist. So the free and fair election we have all believed is the stalwart of the quintessential American election, is nothing more than an exercise in fertility. It is all in the hands of the Eleclitoral voter. who si nothing more than a really seriously committed blind wonk.

So you can see I'm not all that inclined or eager to cast what is now increasingly looking like an utterly meaningless ballot. And now I'm also starting to think that maybe the 60% who don't bother to vote might actually know something, that the now increasingly naive and gullible voters don't seem to get.

Who's ill-informed now?

One other very big reason I am undecided, is that I don't really have the time to waste on this largely orchestrated show. I have better things to do than to have followed this ridiculous charade since 2010. Most of the campaigns focus on "building a narrative", "presenting a positive image" of the candidate, and lots of other slick advertising techniques for what ends up being an illusion of an ideal product that they think they want us all to buy. They intend to make the candidate into what we idealize, or dream of.

That's not truth. Or real. Worse, it sure isn't representative government.

So given that my vote in California does not count, most of America doesn't vote, and I don't have time for all the misrepresentations, what is an undecided voter to do?

Simple, vote my conscience. Which is exactly what I do very time. You can't give up on Democracy, just because "Democracy Inc." appears to have given up on you.

So I wait. I wait until the very last minute. Why? Well it is simple. Given all the lies we are being told bout what the real intentions of the candidates are, in their desperation to win, they often let loose and expose who they really are, and what they really stand for, right at the very end, when the stakes and stress are highest, and they have to pull out all the stops, and stretch for that golden finish line. In the last few days, you often see the light of truth shining though the bags of garbage on the heap of trash.

So here's exactly what I do.

I keep an eye on the Republican and Democrat candidates and try to filter out their bullshit. Meanwhile as a palate cleanser, I seek out the lesser parties who by the way in case you don't know, are also running, but never ever allowed onto the same stage as the two main parties, and I look for the ticket that I think, makes the most sense, appears to have the right ideas and solutions, and offers the BEST overall plan for the country over the next four years that my vote could conceivably bestow upon them. If my vote counted.

The key assumption in all of this and the acceptable entry of my delusion, is that I have to assume my vote counts. Or at the very least, is counted and recorded. If I succumb to the other advertising barrage being aimed at me, I should not assume my vote counts and simply stay home and pursue the happiness the Constitution guarantees me. And leave the heavy lifting and illusion-making to the Apparatchiks of Democracy, who would rather convince fewer people who almost all already believe everything they read and watch on TV and the Internet, than more of them. More is always unwieldy.

So I wait. I wait for a stumble, a gaffe, a foible, a fatal mistake I can identify, or a spark of an idea form ANY party that I can relate to and better, think would be better for my country.

So far, I am not interested in Obama's plans, which as I understand it, is to raise taxes on the rich, so that government can continue to try and reinvent itself as the ultimate venture capitalist and invest in things like solar energy and battery ideas so the Chinese to steal them and make cheaper and sell back to us.

I am definitely not interested in Romney's plan, which apparently is based on the assumption that every American first wants to, and second deserves to be a CEO just like him. Well, I don't want to be a CEO. I am naturally risk-averse, and would never invest my hard earned money in a "venture" simply for the thrill of "entrepreneurship". I'd rather just do a good job, take pride in what I do, and work for a good company that cares about it's employees. But I'm funny that way. Me and that whole generation of the 1950's who built America into wat it is today. And ironically what everyone seems to want to hearken back to, these days.

Neither party even understands foreign policy, so hence the problems we have being at once the most admired people in the world with the most hated government.
So far, to be honest, I'm leaning Green. What's not to like about having women for both president and veep? Plus their platform actually makes the most sense.

Libertarian? Not so much. I'm not really all that comfortable with Anarchy, although I agree, it would be interesting to take down the stop lights at the intersections. Then everyone will surely slow down and look both ways.

I am undecided, yes. But I am not stupid. I'm just waiting until the very last minute to cast my pointless vote. Stop trying to predict what I'm going to do. You'll never know.

Because I also always lie on every survey and poll. Zogby actually thinks I'm a 20 year old pro-life woman religious-communist, while Gallup thinks I am a 60 year old Catholic Gay member of the NRA, and Harris thinks I am a 38 year old Wicken Transgender Transsexual active member of the US military and the Tea Party.

My job is often a lot of fun.