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Saturday, December 1, 2012

What's Wrong With Jews?

Congratulations you've been "bait and switch"ed.

Those of you who oppose Israel and don't like Jews expecting to be given the usual host of negative reasons why Jews are bad, won't get any of that.

Those of you who are Jewish and always on the obsessive lookout for any attacks or yet another diatribe on the "Jewish Conspiracy", won't get any of that.
If you are Palestinian you may want to pay close attention because this will illustrate exactly why you are where you are and worse, and regardless of the by my count 225th UN resolution in your favor against Israel, why it doesn't look like you're getting out anytime soon.

What you will get however, is a list of reasons why there is indeed something very wrong with Jews. For if this premise is incorrect, and in fact there is nothing wrong with Jews, then there most certainly must be something wrong with the rest of us. And we already know that is not the case!

So Jews must simply be different. There must be something very wrong with them.

Allow me to illustrate by using just one Jew. Not just any Jew though. I'll use Walter Annenberg.

Annenberg was a publisher, and eventually appointed the US ambassador to the UK. Because he was a successful businessman, he could afford to be a philanthropist. But not just any philanthropist. Possibly the greatest one ever.

One Jew. Just one. That is all you need to know to be able to understand the reasonable influence Jewish Americans have had on US policy towards Israel, and why it makes nothing but sense. If you attempt to simplify it as merely bought and paid for influence, you still can't deny it. Because as you will see it was more than bought and paid for. By an immeasurable factor.

First, so as to see the historical record, Jews have been part of the very fabric that has been woven into the US for a very long time.

Jews fought in the Civil war. On both sides. That Jews would conceivably fight each other to the death to defend the US is beyond any measure. Of course they fought in both World Wars, Viet Nam, Iraq I, II, and Afghanistan.

Socially and culturally, Jews have maintained and borne the banner of whatever you care to consider as American culture. Through music, film, entertainment, literature, and art, Jews have contributed more than their fair share. When Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, 3 out of the 4 Cartwrights, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and the directors who made their films are Jews, they're pretty much in, you think? Barbra Streisand? Bob Dylan? Whichever you prefer to consider to be the quintessential American voice. Undoubtedly so. Aaron Copland, who composed what is easily and internationally accepted as the undeniable American Ballets:  Appalachian SpringBilly the Kid, Rodeo, and Fanfare for the Common Man.

Shall I continue? Lets.

The Nobel Prize. Agreed by everyone on the planet including a majority of Moslems, to be the pinnacle of scientific and humanitarian achievement. The Swedish? Not known for their Jewish "sympathy". Yet more Jews have won the Nobel prize than any other people. No other people has won all six categories. Are Jews just more competitive? Do they cheat, or do they simply take tests well?

Oy vey, back to GeWalt.

Walter Annenberg was a publisher. He published several newspapers, including one of the most popular publications in the history of America, the famous TV Guide. His financial success, afforded him the means to build a palatial dream estate "Sunnylands" in the middle of the California desert, outside of  Palm Springs. From which he routinely hosted the MOST important American and world personalities of his day, at a level of luxury unheard of even by today's Dubai standards.
Celebrities and American cultural icons such as Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, every one of the Bushes, 3 generations of British Royalty, Margaret Thatcher, and yes, even Mohammad Reza Pahlavi were lavishly hosted, entertained, their every whim attended to during their stays.

But most often his favorite, Ronald and Nancy Reagan attended every New Year's Eve during Reagan's Presidency. A total of 18 years. In a row. For a sitting American President to forego hosting a New Years Eve party at the White House, the symbolic and cultural home of America, and prefer to choose the Annenberg party instead, during all 8 years of his Presidency, says pretty much all you need to know about the degree of commitment Annenberg had.
What was said at these parties is unknowable. Even if a single word was never uttered, about US policy towards Israel, it is irrelevant. By simply representing Jews the way Annenberg did, and by his immense selfless service and charity to America, that is enough, for policy makers to get the point.

While the ability to give a good party alone does not sway enough to affect political opinions, Annenberg was also one of the most prolific philanthropists of his day. To this day. He was one of the only Americans ever knighted by the Queen of England, and was eventually asked to be the US Ambassador to the UK.

During his philanthropic activities, one of the most famous, and indeed the greatest stereotype breaking act by a Jew, he donated $50 million to the United Negro College Fund. The largest single donation that has to this day EVER been made to it.

He also donated $500 Million to the Department of Education. To help everyone's kids get a better education.

This is one American Jew. Just One. There are many, many, many, many, more like him although none just like him. Some big, some small. But they all do the hard work to buy and pay for whatever influence that they have. This isn't unfair. Jews work hard to do this. They spend time and money to do this.

The conclusion is that Israel, and American Jews in particular, have EVERY right to the promoted status that Israel enjoys, and it's relatively high position in the US (and world) today.

Simply because they EARN it every day, and every step of the way. Undeniable. Indisputable.
Look at the number of Jews in the US. 7.5 Million vs 6.5 million that live in Israel. There are more Arabs living in Brazil than in all of Israel!

Now look at all the Arabs. Go ahead and combine them. What have they done? How many Nobel prizes have Arabs won? Have Arabs fought and died for the US in war? Have all Arabs combined, hosted half the dignitaries that Walter Annenberg did alone? Has a single Arab composer ever written a single Ballet for America? Is there a single Arab composer capable of writing a Ballet?

Now look at all the Iranians. Go ahead combine all of them too. What have we done? Exactly!

Squat comes to mind.

And Iranians and Arabs have the audacity to claim what? To object to the preferential treatment Jews get in return for what Jews have given, and continue to give to the US? What Jews have done, and continue to do for the US?

Now exactly, who's cheap?

Life, but especially American life is based on the principle that you get out of it, what you put into it. Clearly Iranians and Arabs have a long way to go. Possibly too far. Probably too late. But for heaven's sake, the last thing Iranians or Arabs should be is this porroo, rude, want, but are unwilling to give, and in comparison what little Arabs and Iranians do and have done, still there is audacity to complain about American Jews helping Israel get ahead.

Vaghean! Really!

Here's one last one:

90% of the $2 billion annual Palestinian budget comes from the US, Japan, and Germany. Less than 10% comes from all Arab States combined.

Funny, I thought the Arab world loved the Palestinians? Apparently not. To fund Palestine for 10 years would cost Saudi Arabia, all by itself and alone, 1 mere month of opening the oil spigot. Not doing this, is akin to the worst tahreeem and sanctions against fellow Arabs that one can imagine. It is almost a dare-said holocaust. An Arab-on-Arab-caust!

Clearly therefore, you have no choice but to conclude that Arabs just plain don't like Palestinians. For they clearly aren't willing to spend more than 10% to help them.


Oddly the most prolific, productive, and time proven persuasive people in the world however, can't seem to figure out a way to deal with their karmic opposites. The Palestinians. At once, Israel's biggest enemy and single largest source of for lack of a better term, cheap labor, seems to have befuddled the best and brightest the world has ever seen.

This shouldn't be this hard. The Palestinians have been systematically shunned from every single layer of Arab society since Moses. Considered low on the unpublished but highly obvious caste ladder of Arab society. Everyone knows that Saudis eat first, Kuwaitis second, and so on, down the food chain of fat Emirates until you get to Yemen. Where you stop and go "Holy Shit!" and back away slowly. And then maybe, maybe, an Arab will grant his truck driving Palestinian some minimized begrudging.

Maybe the reason why Jews are called the "Chosen People", is because since no one else clearly wants to, God "Chose" the Jews to have to deal with the Palestinians. Which brings us back to the premise.

What's wrong with the Jews?