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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Trouble with Capitalism

Like most European Social Orders, for lack of a better option, Capitalism has come the closest to fulfilling most of the socio-economic dreams of mankind. Everyone by now will pretty much agree that Capitalism is by far, the best system we've developed so far, with which to fund how we govern society. Pretty much.

But although hugely successful, and wildly popular, Capitalism, and certainly Pure Capitalism like anything too pure, has inherent weaknesses in its intoxicating purity, that can be strong enough to bring the whole system down. At times like clockwork. Cyclically in fact.

Mostly the success of Capitalism comes from the concept that a free and fair and aggressive and robust and energetic and enthusiastic competition is held among businesses. The idea being, everyone tries to beat the crap out of everyone else. This leaves the consumer and society at large the ultimate winner. With a low cost, high quality product, that makes its maker millions.

The problem is when someone tries to cheat in this no holds barred knife fight. And almost all of them try. They have no choice. They simply have to. Survival and fair play are naturally mutually exclusive.

And that is the main trouble with Capitalism. The bastards that win and survive are almost always the bastards that cheat. This is also connected to that whole other theory.

"The good die young, but bastards live forever".

Cheating in capitalism also predicates the other ultimate goal, namely becoming a monopoly. Capitalism that is left unchecked or pure, encourages cheating and breeds monopolies.

The other problem is that regulating capitalism or even attempting to control it stifles the very energy that drives its success. This is why most capitalist societies go through cycles of no regulation and then obsessively restrictive reforms.

Call it the "Circle of Strife" if you will.

May the best [bad] man win. Hakuna Metadata.