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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

5 Reasons Not to Vote: Objectionata via Abstencia

OK that’s probably not actual Latin, but there sure is a lot of guilt being tripped whenever you mention not voting. Even though statistically, it is far more important to vote locally, the bitter truth is that a very lot of people simply don’t. Most people who do vote, think the only real cool vote is for the presidential election. You know, because your ego tells you that it’s entirely up to you to pick the winner. Which given the choices we are faced with this go around, is ridiculous.

Consider that the US adult (over 18) population is about 248,000,000.  For various reasons, (felonies) out of the total adult population, about 219,000,000 are eligible to vote. Out of that, only 65% or about 146,000,000 are actually registered to vote. So about 73,000,000 have not bothered to register. So they can’t vote if they wanted to.  but it gets worse. Out of those who are registered, only about 60% ever make it to the polls to vote!

Which ends up with the following statistic:

Barely 57% of Americans who are eligible to vote, vote. Or, 43% of eligible voters don’t vote. Thats very close to half.

With the current disastrous campaigns we have to choose from now, I am seriously considering, thinking about, possibly, voting my utter disgust with it all- by joining what you can see is a very large group of fellow non-voters. A not so silent dis, if you will.

And yes, I would almost be in the majority if I did. Since this many who can, don’t vote, it arguably makes those who do, frankly, weirdos. Since it's not required that you vote, there is no penalty for not doing it either. And the best part, since it’s private, no one even knows you didn’t vote if you lie that you did! Which is probably why most people don't bother. A lie you can get away with isn’t one. Which probably explains a lot about who we have to pick from this go round. Of course I am assuming voting more often, gets you good candidates.

But, whether people vote or not, doesn't explain the real stranglehold the two most boring political parties in US History, continue to Lord over what is always advertised as a free process.

If it's free, why does Wall(s) Street and Corporate America and wealthy Barons and even foreign governments spend so much to control its outcome?

So, here's the 7 reasons you should consider not voting:

Reason 1:  Both Candidates are by far, certainly not the best or brightest we have to offer the job to. Admit it, or look at any favor poll. They are truly the worst.

An election is supposed to be the way people in a Democracy choose the best people out of ALL the people available, to run their country. This is not the case now. Something is most certainly broken with a process that rewards Hillary and Trump for stunningly high ineptitude. So, given the choices, wouldn’t it just be better to not participate? You know, until the system is fixed?

Reason 2: Choosing the lesser of two evils only ensures that one of the evils wins.

Whether you hate Hillary or you hate Donald, putting bad people in charge of the country by your own hand, even if you hold your nose while you’re doing it, is still stupid. And frankly, crazy.

Reason 3: Good Morning! You're not actually in control.

Your diluted vote doesn't actually matter. Your vote won’t in fact make the difference. Regardless who wins, Hillary or Donald, like all presidents, will do as they please. And Surprise! Without consulting you. They won’t ask your opinion on anything once on the job. This is obvious. Even if you vote for them, neither is beholden to you. Neither will care what you think, or what the polls say.

So why not keep them guessing? Wondering, and knowing that at least you (now added to more of America) did not fall for it and did not choose them. Send an uncertainty message rather than sell off what's left of your principles, by going along with one or the other, neither of whom you really like. And most especially important to get, neither of whom, really like you. You are a chit, only being manipulated and tallied, by the money of rich folks buying access and favor, spent on clever slogans, using proven sleazy sales tactics of persuasion. No one's honest. Worse, no one is even the best qualified this time. The better thing to do, is not capitulate and fall for any of it. Your vote is merely giving in to all the foul play. So, come on! You’re smarter than that! Aren’t you?

Reason 4: Nothing will change. Your life will go on pretty much the same. On average.

The greater economy will grow slow or fast, wars will continue to rage on or die off. Depending on the greed that drives such things. Your opinion, or wishes, or hopes, or guesses, will not be considered by the powers that always be, in the least.

So isn’t it better to just go about your own business? Because Hillary or Trump, the lights in your house will continue to come on. TV will still be horrible. The water in your tap will continue to flow (relatively lead-free). The freeways will be jammed full of cars. The planes and trains and buses will all still run mostly on time. Hillary or Donald won't matter a bit to you or your average life. On average. A very small number of people however (who are not you), will do exceptionally well depending on who gets in. Like they always do. On average.

Reason 5: Stop being such a snob.

As we have now seen, not many people in this country vote. Right now, half of these really intensely jacked up folks who think their vote actually makes a difference (see Reason 4) unreasonably hate Hillary. They are in turn hated by the other half of the herd of lemmings that hates Donald. So why be a hater? Why be hated? Why be part of a herd of hated haters? What the Hell is a lemming? By not voting, you are keeping it er- realer, by being in the real majority. Better, you had the sense to stop at the edge of the cliff! Sounds pretty smart to me. Downright daring, independent, and individually American!

So, in the absence of any reasonably good or even slightly better candidates in this upcoming election, choosing the least best choice is simply stupid. Which is probably why most people feel so bad now. They know it's stupid. They know they are being forced to be stupid. And this makes them angry, because they’re not stupid!

On the other hand, not voting at all, somehow feels worse. It seems worse not to vote, than to vote for one of two very bad choices.

I’m telling myself to disagree though. I’m telling myself, that not being stupid is more important than being dutiful, obedient, and civically stupid. I think this message needs to be sent. That we're not stupid. You can't tell us these two dolts we’ve been given by what appears to be a seriously broken system that has been dominated by the two out of touch parties so steeped in the tradition of corruption, that it’s become nostalgia, are honest to god candidates.

But if you insist, and choose to ignore the louder silence everyone seems to be ignoring, the bigger danger is that you might actually think you’ll win if one of these two idiots wins. Which is kind of like hearing voices in your head.

But know this, most of us are not playing the game. We don’t vote. And we are just as happy. And since our lives don't really change that much whoever the President is, that just makes you the stupid voter, the loser. Because you’re, stuck with the guilt when your candidate, or worse the one you didn’t vote for, turns out to be the exact real idiot you knew they would. So on average, we non-voters always win. By far. Actually far above average.

Bonus Reason: I know I said 5, I should have said 3. But here’s just one last one.

You're not actually supposed to choose the winner. You're supposed to express your opinion about who you think is best qualified to be president. You know, to run the government. They are now calling this “Voting Your Conscience”. I prefer to call it “Voting You’re Conscious”.

Ask yourself this. Out of all the far more qualified people in the country, do you seriously think Hillary or Donald are the best we have to offer?

Because if you still disagree that not voting is the best way to object to bullying by the outdated Republican and Democratic parties and their continued monopoly domination of elections in this country, then let me remind you of the cleverly camouflaged write-in box.

This is where you can fill in the name of any other person you think is the best person in the country to become President. Which can be you. And considering the bad choices we've been given this time around, if you think you're more qualified than the two candidates being sold to us now, well, I'd probably vote for you too!