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Gavin Newsom, at Gay wedding
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I listen, I see, I read, I learn

If P. J. O'Rourke met Hunter S. Thompson and they were an old Gay couple, complete with a San Francisco civil union, signed by Gavin Newsom himself, and then they got Tom Robbins and Christopher Hitchens to donate the sperm, and had Janeane Garofalo carry it to term, and then if they raised that child by letting him run loose and wild in Tehran during the 70's. I guess I would pretty much be that baby.

When I was in the 11th Grade, at the Tehran International school in Tehran Iran, during the uprisings that less than a year later would result in the collapse of the last remaining remnant of the Persian Empire and culture, the Pahlavis, a dynasty of 2, my English teacher Mr. Rustage told me that I should become a writer.

Bruce, Shervin, Karen (no, he's Armenian) in 1978
Naturally then, I would promptly ignore his now sage advice, for the next 17 years. At age 35 having lost my father in a sudden car crash, and faced with the first of many experiences that would scream loudly in my ears, "Stop wasting time!", I took pen to paper, or keyboard to screen and posted my very first online article on after reading a particularly horrible piece, and sending my comment to that effect, to the editor. The reply was, "Can you do better?" And the seeming arrogance of that comment caused me to write.

Jahanshah Javid
That editor, which later became a good friend, was none other than Jahanshah Javid, who like me was a full hybrid Iranian-American, and like the first few sheep that have been developed in this area of mad-science/genetics, we are rare. And we are apparently stubborn angry goats, not sheep. 

JJ has singlehandedly done more than anyone in history, to further the freedom of speech, belief and thought of Iranians who since 1979, have been stifled at every step of their evolution, which has been put on indefinite hold, thanks largely to the world's greater apathy at unhinging the pitbull defective jaws of oppression, from throats of an innocent and perpetually hamstrung 3rd world.

OK, so you're likely getting the gist of this blog no? It's mostly going to be a pissed off gist. Which I think is the most natural and best use of a blog, given the high cost of gas and psychotherapy.

Enjoy (or not)

PS No, Yes, Yes, Maybe, and Most Definitely Not! 

Bruce Bahmani, April 1, 2011 (I know, I know)